10 Most Evil Tarantino Characters (And Their Worst Misdeeds)

6. Calvin Candie - Django Unchained

Reservoir Dogs Michael Madsen.jpg
Miramax Films

When word got around that Quentin Tarantino had cast Leonardo DiCaprio in his latest movie, Django Unchained, fans wondered who their golden boy was going to play. Surely Tarantino wouldn't make babyfaced Leo a villain, no way.

Tarantino did just that, turning the usually heroic and likeable DiCaprio into an awful sadistic privileged racist with a penchant for seeing people suffer. In one scene, he smears his blood over another person's face and in other forces someone to pull out the eyes of another. Yes, he's that guy.

DiCaprio being DiCaprio ate up the roll, putting everything he had into the character, resulting in one mean and menacing performance that will have you unable to look at little Leo the same again.


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