10 Most Expensive Movies With 0% On Rotten Tomatoes

Turns out money isn't everything.

Ridiculous 6 Adam Sandler

Ah, Rotten Tomatoes, what would we do without you?

The movie review aggregator site first launched in 1998, and since then has kept a record of millions of movies and their critical scores. It's become part of every film fan's internet discourse - just try find a movie magazine or podcast that doesn't mention Rotten Tomatoes in their analysis of a film.

RT's high scores are viewed like gold dust in the movie industry, whilst its negative ones can genuinely sink a film before it's even come out.

Because of how the site works, it's actually very hard for a picture to get 0%. That would mean that every major published review of a movie would have to be negative. In short, it means everyone has to hate it.

It might be difficult for this to happen, but it's not impossible.

At the time of writing, 43 movies with over 20 reviews on the site have scored a big fat zilch. We've rounded up the ones that cost the most money (where budget info was available) in an effort to find out which studios wasted the largest amount of cash on a film that nobody liked.

10. Look Who's Talking Now!/Staying Alive - $22 Million

Ridiculous 6 Adam Sandler
Paramount Pictures/Tri Star Pictures

Not only did both of these films cost the exact same amount, but they both star the exact same man!

Let's start with the earliest movie on our list (and on the entire site) to receive a dud score.

In Staying Alive, John Travolta reprises his role from the excellent movie Saturday Night Fever in the sequel directed by Sylvester Stallone. Yes, you read that right, Rambo himself directed the follow-up to a movie soundtracked by the Bee Gees. Couldn't make it up.

Fast forward a decade and Big Johnny T is once again in a sequel, this time the third instalment of the Look Who's Talking series. These films are about talking babies and talking dogs... yeah, it's not hard to see why this one has ended up here.

Both of these Travolta vehicles were slammed by critics. Staying Alive was labelled "embarrassing" and a blight on the classic it followed, whilst Look Who's Talking Now! was also called embarrassing, with one critic saying it looked like it was written by an "automatic screenwriting machine".

Hey, maybe Travolta just had access to a super advanced AI. He did play that hacker in Swordfish, remember?

Oh lord, another bad Travolta movie!


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