10 Most Frustrating Star Trek Moments Ever

These are the moments that stand in the way of the perfection the Queen always seeks.

Picard Fleet

Frustration can be a lovely feeling sometimes. These examples are not examples of that. Sometimes, Star Trek sets out to deliberately toy with our emotions, drawing things out just long enough for the pay-off, or lack thereof, to truly resonate. There are some entries here of deliberate attempts by the franchise to wind us all up.

Of course, there are the other times when the frustration comes, not from a conscious choice on the creatives' parts, but from issues and examples of either rushing the plot, bungling a story, or just plain non-sensical decision making. Yes, Star Trek is wonderful and we love it ever so. That doesn't mean it's free from these moments - far, far from it.

From incredibly outdated statements, to lazy production decisions, to huge miscarriages of justice behind the scenes - Star Trek has been delivering the goods on frustrating its audience since the franchise began. The Original Series went out on a whimper, and the enlighted shows that followed managed to drop a few clunkers.

But this list contains balance, not just to appease a mad Titan, but also to highlight those moments when the frustrations are earned. Which of these entries teased you just the right amount?

10. Dukat Kills Jadzia

Picard Fleet

This entry is our jumping-off point as it was so utterly unnecessary for Deep Space Nine to lose Terry Farrell the way that it did. While the shocking nature of Gul Dukat transporting into the Bajoran Shrine, remorselessly killing Dax, and beaming away has still yet to properly fade from our minds, it’s long since been overtaken by the stories that came out on the way it came to be.

Farrell had, after six years of more than twenty episodes a season, approached the producers with the request to be reduced to a recurring character. Their response was that it was all, or nothing. Either she was going to be in every episode, like the other seasons, or none at all. Presented with such a choice, she elected to leave.

It was an unworthy exit for one of the main cast. To add further insult to injury, the seventh season saw both a mirror universe episode and a montage of previous episodes, neither of which featured Farrell. Both sides have stated that there were contract and permission issues, yet it boils down to a deeply unsatisfying exit for one of the most popular characters in Deep Space Nine.

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