10 Most Iconic Images In Film History

09. Ursula Andress - DR. NO (1961)

Possibly the most famous image to come from the James Bond series, this sexy pose from Ursula Andress would have certainly coaxed audiences into cinemas for the first British Secret Service outing! Today, Andress's emergence from the sea on to the beautiful white sandy Caribbean beach remains a firm favourite for horny teenage boys... as does this still image from the scene. Capturing Andress's unique beauty and sultry exoticism, the photo set the bar for all other Bond girls to emulate. Each film has produced a series of images of Bond's latest conquests, but none have had such a profound impact upon popular culture as this one of Andress. The bikini she wears in the photo was sold to Robert Earl in 2001 and can now be seen in the Planet Hollywood museum in London. Leading to an array of imitations (including both Halle Berry and Daniel Craig within the same series!), this will always remain the classic original that is as equally iconic as the Bond franchise itself.
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