10 Most Impactful Movie Scenes From The 2010s

These scenes grabbed a hold of their viewers and didn't let go.

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Films have the potential to touch the hearts and minds of all that watch them. It can come in the form of a story that speaks to you, a relatable character, or a sweeping score that conjures up unbridled emotions.

Sometimes sprinkled throughout a film the best reaction-eliciting factors can be brought harmoniously together in a single impactful scene. These monumental filmic moments can feature as story threads coming together, shocking character deaths, revolutionary narrative turning points, and more often than not, the most memorable aspects of a film.

As we move full steam with our new decade, we decided to hark back to the last decade, and reminisce on the scenes that resonated with audiences and left them reeling.


10. Django Unchained - Schwartz' Death

Columbia Pictures

Quentin Tarantino is no stranger to excellent outbursts of violence, but his most effective of the last decade, was the western revenge tale of the slave turned bounty hunter.

On the hunt for his wife, Django Freeman and Dr. King Schwartz find themselves in the company of the devilish “Monsieur” Calvin Candie in his cotton plantation. Under a ruse as budding businessmen eager to buy Calvin’s best fighters, the bounty hunters attempt to conceal their true target; Django’s wife, Broomhilda.

Catching on to their ulterior motive, Calvin and his loyal servant Steven hold the duo up, with fingers on triggers and an old hammer dangerously hovered over Hildi’s head. The tense altercation leads to the nervous purchase of her freedom for a lucrative price.

Close to their escape Calvin makes one final demand; that Schwartz shakes his hand. Hesitantly, the quirky dentist extends his hand along with his trusty hidden pistol, shooting and killing Calvin. With the grizzly guard Butch, swinging his heavy double-barrel around, Schwartz is sent flying back against the bookcase – pieces of paper strewn across the air.

The shocking and glorious death kickstarted the unrestrained burst of violence that audiences had been waiting for. Barely before Schwartz’s body has hit the floor, bullets are flying and the insides of Candie’s manor are being painted with explosive blood. The gravitas of the scene came as the perfect climax to the sweat-inducing tension that had been cranking up for the best part of an hour in classic Tarantino fashion.

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