10 Most Impactful Movie Scenes From The 2010s

9. Warrior - The Final Fight


One of the best fighting films since Rocky, Warrior pits two brothers against each other, as they both desperately struggle to win a boxing competition for their own reasons. This hyper-emotional crusade trails its viewers through threats of eviction, AWOL soldiers, alcoholic fathers and estranged brothers, yet its climactic fight is the true tear-jerker.

Close to a form of emotional resolution, Brendan doesn’t want to fight, but he has to. Tommy on the other hand is determined and fearful of failure. The result is a fight that has just as many emotional gut-punches as there are physical one, with every hit felt as this battle for will, pride and necessity rumbles on.

Pushed to dislocate his brothers shoulder Brendan reassure Tommy that it is okay to give in. With a sturdy chokehold in place, and the gentle strumming of “About Today” by The Nationals playing away, audience were left awaiting the inevitable tap-out with teary eyes and a warm feeling in their chests. As the brothers walk from the ring, huddled together, it left any that watched feeling like they had been through the wringer – and likely wondering if they should give their brother a call.

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