10 Most Inconsistent Actors Working Today

Less than reliable.


There really is no business like show business. One minute it’s crying on cue for the next thoughtful drama; laying bare the flaws in the human soul for all to see, the next it’s hamming it up opposite John Goodman whilst punching a CGI dragon.

And while career variety is always a creative benefit, some actors today have a little too much variety in their resumes.

There’s nothing wrong with a cameo in a bland comedy every now and again, but when you go from working with the Coen brothers to working with the Wayans brothers, it’s probably time to have a firm and frank discussion with your agent.

Yet to have said conversation are the entries on this list, actors and performers with whom it’s unclear whether they’re actually talented, or just got lucky once or twice.

Some of them have a decent track record that’s in danger of being recently tarnished, others have had bumpy careers from the start.

When you buy a ticket to see these folks: beware, nothing is certain. Well, apart from the maddening knowledge that these “professionals” are getting paid millions for their mediocrity, while if you were this inconsistent, you’d have been fired by now.

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