10 Most Insane Movie Leaks Ever

9. Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel Studios

Mark Ruffalo not only plays the lovably aloof Dr. Bruce Banner in the MCU, but he’s very much a real-life doofus, time and again blurting out spoilers about the films he’s in during interviews. In the case of Thor: Ragnarok it was his phone that did the leaking.

While the star was attending an early screening of the Thor-and-Hulk team-up movie, he somehow left his Instagram app open on his phone, which was in his pocket, and the first 10 minutes of the film were livestreamed.

Now this leak was all just audio presumably muffled by Ruffalo’s pants, but nevertheless, fans who were watching the livestream got to hear the film’s first couple of scenes. While the livestream was happening, as many as 2,500 of Ruffalo’s followers were watching, many of whom were commenting and laughing about the star’s mistake. It all turned out to be in good fun and Ruffalo got off with just a stern talking-to from the high-ups at Disney.


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