10 Most Insane Movie Leaks Ever

8. Hulk

Universal Pictures

Speaking of the Hulk, the giant green one’s history of leaks doesn’t stop with Thor: Ragnarok. Way back in 2003 in the Marvel character’s first big screen appearance, starring Eric Bana and directed by Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon auteur Ang Lee, the film was supposed to revolutionize the way we saw comic book movies. And well the final product wasn’t exactly what the fans wanted, was it?

The full movie was leaked online two weeks before its release—which was one of the vey first big movie leaks. Word got out about what a mixed bag it was, and the film’s box office suffered. Despite a strong opening weekend, bad word of mouth, and the fact that anybody could watch it for free at home, caused the film’s grosses to plummet 70% in its second week.

Universal Pictures got the FBI involved and tracked the leak to a man in New Jersey, who had obtained a screener copy of the film from a friend who worked on the film’s advertising. He uploaded the film on a file-sharing site, intending to only share with his friends, but of course it didn’t stop there. The man was sentenced to house arrest for several months and it took several years for another Hulk movie to be made, this time a reboot completely ignoring the 2003 debacle.


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