10 Most Insulting Movie Remakes Of All Time

You Know What They Say...If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It.

The Wicker Man Nicolas Cage
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Remakes get a bad reputation in the film world and for good reason. Not only do they have the power to completely destroy the original version, but they also never seem to capture the essence of what made the first one so unique.

Cinema is full of remakes, remodels and rewritten scripts, all attempting to reunite the original only to damage its reputation. Sadly, moviemakers have seemingly run out of ideas. They have lost the ability to become inventive, not to mention innovative. It's either that or they have become incredibly lazy, or even worse, bored.

Remakes come in sorts of shapes and sizes, with some just plain old awful and some just scraping the barrel when it comes to completely ruining the memory of the movie. Overall, remakes suck and here are the worst ones.

10. Psycho (1998)

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Who on earth thought it was a good idea to remake one of the best movies ever made? Gus Van Sant of course. He also thought he was on par with one of the greatest directors to have ever graced the cinema world, the legendary Alfred Hitchock.

The movie, which starred funnyman, Vince Vaughn, as the not so funny Norman Bates, was a disaster from start to finish. Even worse, it made just half of the $60 million dollar budget. In other words, it failed.

However, the strangest thing of all was Gus Van Sant's determination to shoot the movie shot for shot in exactly the same way as the original. Surely this is some kind of plagiarism? If not, it is pointless.

As you would expect, a remake shot exactly the same as the original didn't work, mostly because it had already been done in 1960 and was much better.


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