10 Most Intense Gunfights In Westerns

From Rooster Cogburn's final charge to the Candyland massacre...

Touchstone Pictures

There is something timeless about the Western genre. Tales about cowboys, lawmen and outlaws, about the brave hero taking down the vile villain - all good stuff!

From John Wayne to Clint Eastwood, to the more modern efforts of Quentin Tarantino, the Western ruled the roosts of the silver screen, way before the Marvel Cinematic Universe was even thought about.

Their influences can be seen to this day. Silent, stoic antiheroes. Long, tension building shots and edits - even the good old fun of cops and robbers owes a lot to the genre. But certainly the Western's most cherished mark on film is its gunfights. You would have never seen the likes of Die Hard, Rambo or Inglorious Basterds and countless others, if it wasn't for the gunslingers of the wild west.

From tense one on one quickdraws to all out battles, it is a hard task to pick out which film came closest to hitting bullseye. Some are classics that defined generations, others are modern masterpieces capturing some of the old magic. These are the Western movies that came out guns blazing.


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