10 Most Intense Pixar Movie Moments

9. Ian Crosses The Bottomless Pit - Onward

The Incredibles Helen Plane Crash

Inspired by classic role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Onward focuses on two brothers who are trying to reunite with their deceased father.

In order to perform the necessary spell, they need to find a Phoenix Gem, and their quest involves many challenging obstacles, including the Bottomless Pit. With Barley’s encouragement, Ian creates a Trust Bridge, an invisible walkway that only works if you believe it’s there.

Given Ian’s nervous disposition, this is hardly an ideal scenario, but his fears subside when Barley offers him a safety rope. At first, the Trust Bridge is effective and the rope remains attached. But to Barley’s horror, the safety rope becomes undone, and he’s forced to watch as Ian crosses the Bottomless Pit.

The musical score is especially good here, perfectly mirroring Barley’s look of panic as Ian’s life hangs in the balance. Of course, this being a Pixar movie, we assume Ian’s going to be alright, but our assumptions are put to the test when he fumbles the last step and hangs on to the edge by the tips of his fingers.

Though everything works out fine in the end, this one is particularly hard to stomach if you’re afraid of heights.


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