10 Most Intense War Movies Ever Made

8. Fury

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Many of you will have heard some of the stories about the cast. Shia LaBeouf didn't shower at all during filming, the director telling his cast to have daily fist-fights etc.

What you may not have heard so much about is how brilliantly the film depicts a tank crew.

Based during April 1945, as the Allied troops push their way through Europe toward Germany, the crew of five soldiers take their M4 Sherman aptly named 'Fury' through the freshly-destroyed wasteland that made up much of Western Europe.

In Germany, the inexperience of new assistant driver-bow gunner Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman) gets the platoon leader and his crew killed.

Norman is consistently traumatised throughout the film as well. Between being forced to execute a prisoner and witnessing a woman he had grown close to die, we are first-hand witnesses to his deteriorating mental state.

This only spells bad news for the rest of the crew. Later their battalion is ambushed and Fury is the only tank left standing, but they still insist on finishing their mission. No spoilers here, but the ending is really quite something.

Being in a tank may seem safe, but if Fury shows anything, it's that you are always a yard away from death.


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