10 Most Interesting Final Shots In Movies

These memorable and masterful shots really gave us something to think about.

The final shot of a movie is arguably its most important; it can intelligently deploy numerous questions into the minds of the viewer and elevate even a mediocre film to cult status. Moreover, it leaves the audience with their final impression of their movie-going experience, and - as such - is the shot which needs to shine that little bit brighter than all the others that have preceded it. Since the inception (hint) of cinema, filmmakers have understood the raw power of the final shot and its ability to allow their film to echo throughout the annals of movie history. Some encapsulate the essence of a particular film to such an excellent degree that it becomes iconic. Others poise interesting questions through their ambiguity, allowing the film's entire narrative to marinate in our minds like a thought-provoking bolognese. Here are 10 examples of such brain-food. Needless to say that when examining final shots there will inevitably be some discussion about certain events in the film, and thus there will be some spoilers, so don't say you weren't warned beforehand...

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