10 Most Interesting Final Shots In Movies

10. The Wrestler

Aronofsky's The Wrestler examines the theme of self-destruction in graphic and disturbing detail, and is perhaps best exemplified by the final shot of the film. Throughout the narrative Randy "The Ram", an aged wrestler, searches for some form of acceptance, be it from his romantic pursuit of a stripper called Cassidy, his daughter with whom he has fallen out of favour, or the crowd that watch him wrestle. In spite of his good intentions Randy is unable to find the happiness that he so desires. In the final scene of the movie Randy, who has recently undergone heart surgery, returns to the ring once more. Determined to give the enthusiastic crowd a show, and knowing that the execration of the fight may well kill him, an emotionally and physically battered Randy takes the plunge off the ropes in hopes of returning to his former glory as a beloved champion of the ring, disregarding the pleas of Cassidy or the trouble his weak heart is evidently causing him. The shot ends with Randy in midair, a symbolic sacrificial "Ram" as his ring name highlights. Is he jumping into oblivion or glory? Though the former is hinted at we are never shown the aftermath of the jump. Whatever the outcome, the truth behind the shot is that Randy has found a reason to live within the prospect of death. Even if he doesn't die on this particular occasion he will inevitably continue to exert himself in the ring until it gets the better of him, as it is the only thing that makes him feel worthwhile. This shot is made all the more powerful thanks to the humanistic depiction of a desperate man searching for something that will make him feel like more than a worn out piece of meat, and the exquisite performance given by Mickey Rourke that marked his return to form. Perhaps most haunting is the fact that the cheers of the crowd that are heard as Randy makes the plunge continue long into the closing credits - a continuous reminder of the approval that Randy may well have leapt to his demise for.

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