10 Most Jaw-Dropping Moments In Horror Movies

The best, most shocking moments that horror has to offer - Malignant, Wrong Turn & more!

Malignant thumb gabriel reveal
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There’s a difference between ‘a bit of a shock’, or a ‘mild surprise,’ and an absolutely jaw-dropping moment. Horror is a genre that has these in abundance, offering up some of the wackiest, most unpredictable storylines around and supplying us with endless “oh my god did that really just happen?” moments.

I could make this list about a thousand entries long and it still wouldn’t cover the half of it, so we’ve got to at least kick it off with a few honorable mentions for well-known shockers like Psycho’s shower scene, Saw’s killer reveal, Sleepaway Camp’s finale, The Mist’s soul-destroying ending and Hereditary’s road accident. There are a whole bunch more prominent and widely-acknowledged shock moments, but for the sake of keeping this concise I’ll just have to cut it down to ten.

In these moments your whole world is rocked: your perception is changed, your ideas are thrown out the window or you are just absolutely blindsided by something you never thought was a possibility. There’s nothing quite like the sensation of being so surprised, you’re not actually sure what you feel at all.

10. The Boy - He Is Real And He’s In The Walls

Malignant thumb gabriel reveal
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At first, The Boy seems like a supernatural horror revolving around the beloved staple of the ‘haunted doll.’ Lauren Cohen plays Greta Evans, an American who comes to the UK after being hired as a nanny by an elderly couple.

She is charged with the care of a porcelain doll, whom she comes to believe is possessed by the spirit of a boy, Brahms, who died years earlier. When Greta’s abusive ex tracks her down, he destroys the doll in a fit of rage. As a consequence, Brahms goes berserk.

From behind a mirror on the wall, an adult Brahms crashes into the room and murders the ex before turning on Greta. It turns out he didn’t die in a fire as we thought, instead he has been living in the walls of the house ever since with his parents - and now Greta - caring for him.

It’s not only a properly shocking moment because of the jump-scare factor, but because this whole time we thought we were looking at a haunted doll when really a grown-ass man has been crawling around in the walls orchestrating everything!


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