10 Most Jaw-Dropping Moments In Horror Movies

9. The Others - It Was Them All Along

Malignant thumb gabriel reveal

Perhaps one of the most infamous twist endings in horror is that of The Others, where after an hour or so of tense ghost-y horror we find out that our scared protagonists have been the ghosts all along!

In a countryside home, Grace and her two young children live in relative seclusion. The kids have a condition that makes them very photo-sensitive, meaning that the house needs to be kept dark. The family and three servants occupy the house, but Grace begins to suspect that some ‘others’ are in there with them in the form of some ghosts or ghouls.

Everything comes to a head toward the end of the film when the children discover the headstones of their servants on the house’s grounds. The children are discovered hiding in the house by an old woman they believe to be a spirit, but it is revealed that she is a medium who has discovered the ghosts of the children and their mother in the house - who were all left dead after a murder-suicide incident involving their mother.

All along, the family and the servants have been the ‘others’ to the people trying to move into the house - not vice versa.


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