10 Most Jaw-Dropping Shots In MCU History

From the page to the screen.

Captain America Civil War Iron Man Fight
Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been known for its nonstop action for years now. No matter which installment in the franchise you come across, you can always count on some epic hand to hand combat or breathtaking effects to shimmer across the screen. Though the actions might be amazing, your movie's only as good as your single shots.

Across every phase of the MCU, plenty of directors have tried their hand at making some of the greatest single shots to come from superhero movies. Whether it be trying to recreate an actual comic book frame from scratch or just trying to make something that resonates with the audience, every single one of these frames are worthy of being displayed as art.

Even some of the more lacklustre stories in the franchise always tend to have a few shots that you end up remembering once you leave the theater.

Whereas any other director would try to just make an action movie that features supernatural beings, these single shots are proof that these directors really understand the material at play here. Not everything may be 100% faithful, but what it might lack in accuracy it makes up for in sheer emotional potency.

10. Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2 - Yondu's Funeral

For a franchise with a lot of emotional weight to its name, the MCU boasts a surprisingly low death count. Though things have changed for most of our favorite heroes towards the end of the Infinity Saga, even the most minor of characters found their way to the end of their respective movies. However, when someone does end up departing from the team, it requires a send off for the ages.

Across both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, Yondu was always known as the reluctant caregiver to Peter Quill, but his final moments are some of the noblest in the franchise. While on a mission to help the Guardians escape the clutches of Ego, Yondu uses his final moments to protect Quill, who he has looked at as a son for the past few movies.

The scene of Yondu succumbing to the vacuum of space is hard enough, but the real beauty comes in the final shot of his funeral. As his remains are scattered throughout space, we see all of the other ravagers making their way to pay tribute to their fallen comrade.

Yondu certainly wasn't a saint throughout the entirety of the series, but this single shot shows that even the most broken of people can be redeemed.


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