10 Most Messed Up Horror Movie Siblings

From Halloween to Basket Case, you'll be glad you aren't related to these siblings from hell!

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Anyone who has siblings knows that sometimes they can be an absolute pain in the arse.

However, siblings in horror movies are, obviously, a hell of a lot worse. They are in horror movies, after all, and things that are crappy in real life are generally nightmarish and amplified ten-fold in horror films.

From witches, to separated-at-birth twins and plenty more, horror flicks really do have every variation of bad siblings covered.

In this list, your writer here is going to keep it varied by either including a pair of siblings who are both equally hellish (like Jake and Logan Paul, for example) or just one sibling who would be considered by their teachers as 'a problem child’ in school.

10. Katie And Kristi - Paranormal Activity

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It’s easy to forget now, but when Paranormal Activity first landed in cinemas back in 2007, it was an absolute sensation. The lowkey approach to storytelling with well-timed jump scares resonated with audiences and spun an almighty profit - and so the sequels kept on comin’.

At the centre of the franchise - for the first three or so movies anyway (they admittedly blur together at some point) - are Katie and Kristi. Katie’s descent into possession is chronicled in the first film, with more backstory added to the sisters as the films go on.

As it turns out, Katie and Kristi were first introduced to all things demonic in their youth, and we get to watch their creepy childhood escapades with their imaginary pal Toby. Lucky us!

The second film in the franchise, however, reveals that it was Kristi who ultimately put Katie in the line of possession fire, transferring the demon’s attention from her own family onto Katie. Yes, it was to protect her own son, but damn, that’s seriously cold!

Technically Katie is still the more ‘evil’ of the two, given that she kills Micah (what a shame that was…) and abducts Hunter, but it wouldn’t have happened if Kristi hadn’t been so bloody cruel.

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