10 Most Messed Up Horror Movie Siblings

9. Jane And Blanche Hudson - Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

Ginger Snaps
Warner Bros.

This psychological horror from 1962 doesn’t need any supernatural spookery to make it terrifying, relying solely on the depravity of desperate human beings.

To sum up the film, it explores the relationship of sisters Jane and Blanche: Jane being a prolific child actress and Blanche living in her shadow. As Jane’s acting style goes out of fashion, Blanche instead becomes the celebrity sister. However, this flourishing career is halted when Blanche is in a mysterious car accident, for which her drunken sister is blamed.

Blanche, now wheelchair-bound and helpless, is subjected to Jane’s jealousy-fuelled rage. It’s deeply upsetting to watch Jane treat her sister so badly; starving, beating and humiliating her.

But Blanche herself is far from innocent.

In a surprise twist, it turns out that Blanche accidently crashed the car herself, and orchestrated the event to look like it was Jane’s fault. By this point, Blanche is starved and severely dehydrated – essentially on her last legs due to her own sister’s envy. These two are so wrapped up in hatred of the other that it led to an ambiguously nasty fate by the end of the film.

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