10 Most Misleading Trailers Of 2015

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An average visit to your local multiplex can be counted on for a number of things: a folding chair, a motion picture, perhaps some snacks and drinks, and about 30 minutes of advertisements. If you're lucky. Trailers are absolutely inescapable nowadays; rather wholly embraced and frequently furthered, with many films offering a series of them prior to the release. However a major trend has been developing throughout 2015 - the dubbed 'Blockbuster Year' - and that's misleading marketing. Whether a studio is selling its release with a different angle, or cast under an alternative light, the fundamental end product is audiences parting ways with their hard-earned money under false pretenses. Sure, it isn't always a bad thing (there's nothing better than having terribly low expectations prior and then loving the movie right?), but this widespread manipulation has the pocket in mind rather than the people. Whilst the year isn't quite out yet, we have gained the vast majority of trailers for pictures arriving in the few short months remaining, so it seems fitting to compile a list of the ten most misleading trailers 2015 has provided. How many have you been affected by?
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