10 Most Obscure And Underrated Slasher Horror Movies

9. Sleepaway Camp

Motel Hell
American Eagle Films

1983's Sleepaway Camp may have faded into obscurity over the years after the flagging franchise failed to survive the 1990s, with the exception of two particularly disastrous straight-to-DVD releases amongst the 2000s. However, in spite of the ignominious demise of the sequels, the original outing remains a iconic staple of 1980s horror and maintains a cult following amongst die hard fans.

On paper, Sleepaway Camp is just your average stalk-then-murder flick; mysterious killer brutally hunts clueless victims in a ridiculous setting, in this case, a summer camp. Timid teenager Angela Baker, sole survivor of a boating accident that killed her sibling and father, attends for the first time after being adopted by her disturbing auntie; the camp just happens to be located near the site of her family's deaths. The usual carnage swiftly ensues in a maelstrom of screams of agony and bloodshed, featuring a variety of hilariously over-the-top deaths, involving bows and arrows, hives of angry bees and curling irons to name but a few.

Sleepaway Camp is also notorious for the shocking reveal that comes in the climactic sequence of the unsettling tale of Camp Arawak, often cited as one of the most surprisingly disturbing twists in horror history. Without wanting to spoil the conclusion, safe to say the twist - and the blood curdling manner in which it is revealed - alone, make Sleepaway Camp a must-watch for any aspiring slasher connoisseur.


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