10 Most Obscure And Underrated Slasher Horror Movies

8. Dream Home

Motel Hell
Edko Films

Although unlikely classed as "obscure" by fans of Hong Kong cinema, 2010's Dream Home is a hidden gem of the sub-genre for the majority of Western audiences.

Dream Home begins in what appears to be such a benign manner that it seems inconceivable that the plot could morph into one of a film about a depraved killer. Cheng Lai-sheung slaves away at all waking hours, feverishly working multiple jobs and looking after her sick father, all in the pursuit of her dream apartment. This is where matters get sinister as she soon reveals the morbid extents to which she is prepared to go in order to secure the flat.

Lai-sheung lets her father suffocate in order to collect on his life insurance policy, which gives her enough money to buy the property. However, a fluctuation in the stock market means that she is left short of the money needed. Most people would be understandably upset, but Lai-sheung's reaction may be deemed slightly excessive by some, as the enraged woman proceeds to violently attack and murder the occupants of the building in which the flat is located.

Dream Home is a slick, fluid horror offering that manages to combine breathtakingly brutal violence with tongue-in-cheek satirical social commentary. Josie Ho is exemplary in the lead role and guides this white knuckle ride effortlessly from scene to scene in a top notch example of one of the more underrated and obscure slashers.


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