10 Most Ominous Cinematic Prisons

9. Camp Holiday, Wedlock

The Dark Knight Rises Prison
Spectacor Films

A fun name for a fun place! At this experimental prison, inmates are able to walk around, chat and have a terrific time… except for that deadly jewellery.

Upon arrival, prisoners are given explosive-equipped collars, each of which is paired up with another inmate’s. If they escape or end up more than 100 yards away from their match, they are both dead, unless one of them somehow manages to find their wedlock partner.

When Frank Warren (Rutger Hauer) is set up by his fiancée and best friend and sent to Camp Holiday, this is exactly what he succeeds in doing, going on the run with fellow inmate Tracy Riggs (Mimi Rogers).

Until that moment, though, there are some truly horrific demonstrations of the lethal technology, namely heads exploding on dummies and real people alike. Of course, there is also a vicious, gleeful guard, played by the great Stephen Tobolowsky.

Yes, at Camp Holiday, you should not be aiming to keep a good head on your shoulders. You should be aiming to keep it at all.


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