10 Most Ominous Cinematic Prisons

8. Stasis Prison, Minority Report

The Dark Knight Rises Prison

This prison keeps its inhabitants far from the public, both literally and figuratively. The inmates are kept in stasis tubes, thinking happy thoughts, imprisoned in their minds. The problem is, most of these criminals have never committed any crimes.

Minority Report revolves around Precrime, a revolutionary law enforcement program that prevents crime before it happens. When the Precogs -- three mutated human psychics -- have a vision of a crime about to be committed, a Precrime police unit is dispatched to arrest the would-be offender and place him in the stasis prison without any kind of trial.

Of course, issues with this “perfect” system start rearing their ugly head during the course of the story, as a Precrime officer is forced to go on the run after ending up as a murderer in one of the visions. Talk about awkward.

The program is eventually dissolved, with the prison also being shut down.

The stasis idea represents one of many ethical themes weaving through Steven Spielberg’s science fiction film, along with independence of thought and the relationship between citizen and government.


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