10 Most Overpowered Movie Characters Ever

Neo clearly rolled 20 for all of his stats.

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For many people, movies are a form of escapism from their workaday lifestyles. None of us will ever conquer an intergalactic threat, which is why we’re all so excited to see the Avengers do it for us in Endgame.

To go along with that, sometimes the lead characters are given almost ridiculous amounts of strength or power. So much so that they become overpowered; and that’s who’s being catalogued here.

These aren’t necessarily the ten strongest characters ever, but the most overpowered for their reality. Characters who seem too invulnerable for the story they inhabit, show no notable weakness or suddenly develop a new and crucial ability right when it’s needed most.

Just a couple of ground rules before we start too; all traditional comic book heroes like Superman or Thor have been disqualified, as it’s kind of expected that those sorts of characters come with huge power. Characters with comic book tie-ins are fine though, so expect to see a Star Wars character on the list.

That’s only a character though, as in the interests of variety this is limited to one per franchise. Other than that though, anyone in cinematic history is fair game.

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