10 Most Overpowered Movie Characters Ever

10. The Iron Giant

Warner Bros.

The Iron Giant hasn’t gained as much pop culture traction as other 90s animated movies, but there’s a huge amount of talent attached to it, even if it isn’t as fondly remembered as bigger hits from the decade.

Jennifer Aniston and Vin Diesel lend their voice, with Diesel as the giant himself. The story was written by legendary British poet and author Ted Hughes, while Brad Bird, better known for his work on The Simpsons and The Incredibles, wrote the screenplay and directed it.

While it is a brilliant movie and clever Cold War parable, the titular character is certainly a little overpowered. The Giant’s basic abilities are flight, self-healing, and an attack setting which the peaceful creature rarely utilises.

His most powerful moment, both physically and emotionally for the movie, comes when he deals with an atomic bomb. He’s able to intercept it, but unlike Iron Man (Giant’s original name, by the way) he doesn’t fly it through a black hole and instead absorbs the blast.

He saves the town, but destroys himself . However, with such powerful self-healing he’s able to rebuilt himself from screws and scraps, fleeing to a peaceful corner of Iceland to keep himself and the town safe.

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