10 Most Paused Deleted Scenes In Movie History

The deleted scenes that made you doubt your own eyes.

J Jonah Jameson Spider-Man

It's fair to say that deleted scenes are deleted for a reason - perhaps they killed the movie's pacing, upended its tone, or simply didn't pan out as the filmmaker intended.

But that doesn't mean there aren't great deleted scenes that fans and directors alike wish made it into the final cut, or that they aren't worth checking out.

That's certainly the case with these 10 deleted movie scenes, each of which are so startling, so insane, so unexpected, that viewers were left with no choice but to gawk at them, slack-jawed in sheer amazement.

Whether they should've been included in the movie or not, and regardless of their overall quality, these excised scenes all have a can't-look-away quality like no other, ensuring we all had to hit the pause button and just soak it in.

From brutal death scenes to mesmerising cameos, nauseating creature designs, and everything in-between, these deleted scenes were nothing if not totally eye-catching, even if the filmmakers evidently had their reasons for leaving them on the cutting room floor.

At least we're lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to see them for ourselves on home video...

10. Jameson Wears The Spidey-Suit - Spider-Man 2

J Jonah Jameson Spider-Man
Columbia Pictures

Here's a deleted scene so delightfully unhinged that, if you saw a mere screengrab without context, you'd probably assume it was either a Photoshop job or a mere blooper.

But Spider-Man 2 originally featured a scene in which, after Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) throws his Spider-Man suit in the trash and it's brought to J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons), Jameson can't resist but try it on for himself.

In the middle of a montage about Spidey's absence, we then cut to Jameson in the suit, pretending to be Spidey while prancing around and posing in his office, his signature cigar still hanging out of his mouth as his employees look on in horror.

It's one hell of a visual and finally saw the light of day three years after Spider-Man 2 hit screens, when Sony released Spider-Man 2.1 on DVD - a studio-mandated reissue containing eight minutes of mostly superfluous gag scenes such as this, in order to drum up hype for Spider-Man 3.


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