10 Most Paused Moments In DCEU History

9. Gal Gadot's Armpit's Get Some Bizarre Attention In A Trailer - Wonder Woman

Cena Peacemaker
Warner Bros.

Hopping from satisfying Easter egg territory to the just plain odd now, and to that time when someone decided to make Gal Gadot's armpits the unexpected centre of attention.

Your writer is talking about that strange moment back in 2017 when a trailer for the then-upcoming first Wonder Woman feature left many a DC die-hard scratching their heads over what appeared to be one of the most baffling uses of CGI to date.

On top of seemingly making her pits as smooth as humanly possible in post-production, it appeared that Gadot's skin had also been made noticeably paler around her armpits than the rest of her body, something that was regularly pointed out by fans who'd taken the time to pause the footage of Diana flipping a tank in the teaser.

Clearly taking notice of this armpit backlash, the folks behind the picture once again tweaked their leading lady's pits before the flick ultimately landed in theatres. And while this Wonder Woman still shows absolutely no sign of armpit hair in the slightest, her pit skin did at least match the rest of her body in the end.

Sadly, this wasn't the only time Gadot was at the centre of a controversial much-paused DCEU moment...


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