10 Most Paused Moments In Quentin Tarantino Movies

Those shocking Quentin Tarantino moments you couldn't help but pause to take a closer look at!

Lucy Liu

Making a career out of completely catching his audience off-guard either through entirely unexpected beats of action or equally unanticipated verbal bombshells, there's nothing quite like the experience of sitting down to take in a piece of Quentin Tarantino chaos.

And it's the legendary director's ability to continually leave those watching on asking themselves "did that actually just f***ing happen?" that has paved the way for more than a few of his picture's most unpredictable moments of madness needing to be rewatched as soon as humanly possible.

In the case of the following surprising beats and frames, however, the sight of ming-boggling violence, absolutely inspired background details, or cheeky reveals that initially seemed too audacious to be true were so damn captivating that fans of the filmmaker had no choice but to skilfully smash the pause button at precisely the right moment to take a closer look.

So, from truly horrifying slices of typically excessive gore, to the sight of genuine fear being plastered all over an unfortunate actors face due to a legitimately unplanned development mid-scene, these are those Tarantino moments that have likely been frozen mid-watch more than anything else in Quentin's bonkers back catalogue.

10. Hitler's Face Is Obliterated - Inglourious Basterds

Lucy Liu
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Never one to pass up the chance to rewrite history when the opportunity presents itself, Quentin Tarantino's alternate take on the events of WWII that was Inglorious Basterds saw none other than Adolf Hitler himself being viciously gunned down in the middle of a movie theatre.

And determined to deliver a moment of unfiltered catharsis for many in attendance when taking in the moment the Basterds finally break into the opera box housing the Fuhrer, Tarantino simply did not hold back.

After blasting onto the already burning scene, thanks to Marcel igniting some flammable film post-Shosanna's final message to the Nazi Party leaders in attendance, Eli Roth's Sergeant Donny Donowitz utterly blitzes Hitler and his cronies in the box.

But in a moment that has no doubt been paused and rewound time and time again by the stunned folks taking in the feature at home, The Bear Jew refuses to let up until Hitler's face resembles a moustached pile of mash potatoes.

The frozen shot of a Hitler dummy with half its face blown off is about as surreal a frame as you're ever going to find in the routinely absurd world of Tarantino. But it's one that will likely never get old, no matter how many times you choose to hit pause and rewind again.


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