10 Most Paused Moments In Quentin Tarantino Movies

9. Zoë Bell Didn't Need No Car Chase Stunt Double - Death Proof

Lucy Liu

It's not uncommon for movie fans to bring a film to a screeching halt in a bid to see whether the star of the show is actually the one doing the ass-kicking or jaw-dropping stunt work in a picture.

More often than not, said pausing of a thrilling action ride ultimately leads to the realisation that an equally talented stunt double has actually been called upon to deliver the goods in a particularly dangerous or intricate scenario.

Yet, in the case of Death Proof and the absolutely insane car chase sequence seen towards the backend of the movie, the stopping of the action mid-chaos brings with it confirmation that Zoë Bell is in fact an all-out legend... and mad woman.

Hilariously scoffing at the thought of a stunt double taking her place as Tarantino initially suggested, if it wasn't already clear during the utterly intense sequence involving Bell's character hanging onto the hood of a speeding car whilst Kurt Russell's Stuntman Mike rammed his own vehicle into the mix, a quick pause highlights that Zoë was very much clinging on for dear life in the scene.

Admittedly, you'd expect nothing less from the fearless New Zealander. But it's still undeniably outrageous even for her standards.


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