10 Most Paused Movie Moments Of 2012

article001 Like every year of cinema, there are just countless scenes we watch at the movies and immediately think "Damn, I wish I could see that again!", so naturally, when the DVD comes out, as soon as that moment comes up, we slam on the pause button, and savour in all the detail and mystique that has been haunting us since we first saw it. Those of us who can't make it to the cinema all that often won't be taunted by the four-month agony of having to wait to see it again (unless you're prepared to go see the film again just for that shot or scene!), as they'll have the pause button to hand right from the outset. While some of these releases haven't quite made it to UK shores yet, you can guarantee that they're going to have the same response when they do as they've had with US audiences so far. These are the moments that most had us squirming on the edge of our seats, for one reason or another... Here are the 10 most paused movie moments of 2012.

10. Rosamund Pike's Cleavage - Jack Reacher

article00 Film critic Leonard Maltin said it best with his review of Jack Reacher, declaring that the film's love interest Rosamund Pike is "a good actress whose actions and reactions add to the movie€™s cheese factor€”and whose beauty is almost distracting at times". Maltin opts to be curt for the sake of his journalistic integrity as a critic, but the subtext of what he's actually saying becomes abundantly clear when anyone comes to watch the film for the first time. It has dominated discussions on the film's IMDB board and is a wholly distracting presence within the film itself; the fact that Christopher McQuarrie conspires with the costume department to ensure that Pike, who was five months pregnant at the end of shooting, is outfitted in the most revealing tops that any lawyer has ever worn. The result? Pike's heaving cleavage ends up taking command of pretty much any scene that it appears in - and it's a good majority of them - while the film oddly reciprocates by only showing Tom Cruise without a shirt on one single, solitary time. Sorry, ladies.
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