10 Most Paused Movie Moments Of 2012

9. Post-Credits Aftermath - The Grey

The Grey was one of 2012's little surprises, delivering far more than simply "Liam Neeson fighting wolves", such that the movie ends without ever even featuring said battle, instead focusing on the philosophical quality of a fight against nature. The film's post-credits scene, which many might have missed if they dashed out of the cinema, certainly warranted a pause given how brief it was, and how suddenly it blind-sided viewers. The final shot is of Liam Neeson running to fight the Alpha male wolf, and this additional shot shows the downed wolf with Neeson's head resting against its chest, an ambiguous, snappy shot that suggests either Neeson killed the wolf, or they both killed each other. It's an entirely superfluous shot, but one that nevertheless had everyone freeze-framing it, especially given that the colour of the wolf's coat and Neeson's hair sort of makes it difficult to discern what's going on at first.
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