10 Most Ridiculous Turksploitation Movie Rip-offs Ever

8. Badi: Turkish E.T.(1983)

Anadolu Film

In a way,  this bizarrely crafted Rip-off is one hell of a kind. Rather than being a family-friendly sci-fi adventure like the Spielberg classic,  Badi (Turkish phonetic spelling of the word “buddy”) passes as an unintentional surreal horror that would easily traumatize any child long into adulthood.

The only similarity it has with E.T is that Badi features a group of kids hiding an extraterrestrial being in their house and a boy named Bülent, (the Turkish Elliot), befriends the alien and together they experience all sorts of wacky adventures.

What is meant to be an alien creature is actually a midget hiding inside an extremely disturbing looking rubber suit; along with its huge head and long arms it’s probably the most hideous thing you've ever seen too. What’s worse is that it emits foul-smelling gas as a defense mechanism when frightened. How nice!

Aside from farting, Badi can also sing, dance and perform magic tricks. Surely, this is worth a watch, if only for the horrifying leather-faced beast alone. The whole thing is available on YouTube for your entertainment and disgust.

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