10 Most Ridiculous Uses Of CGI In Movie History

$5,000 is a lot to pay for a piece of crap.


In this day and age, it feels like CGI has found a way to infiltrate just about every single film genre known to mankind.

Gone are the times when fans would only expect to see digital effects used in larger than life battle scenes or to realise a distinct alien or monster. Now this computer wizardry is regularly used to turn back the clock in acclaimed biopics and even bring deceased performers back from the grave.

Many of these effects are undoubtedly marvellous and definitely improve or enrich the feature fans have been watching up until that point. However, there have been a few cases over the years when CGI has rather ridiculously been shoe-horned into a picture.

Dramatically swishing space hair, altered body parts and even previously non-existent bodily functions have all been pumped into a feature at various points in time for one dumb reason or another.

Admittedly, not every one of these CGI adjustments or creations was so distracting that it immediately dragged people out of the film they were watching. Some even went entirely unnoticed on a first watch by many.

Yet, once you realise they were specifically designed and laced into a project thanks to some highly intricate (and expensive) digital manipulation, you can't help but feel like there must have been a simpler (or cheaper) way of getting the desired effect.


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