10 Most Satisfying Horror Movie Reveals

It felt so good watching these horror movie moments.

Army of the Dead Martin Tiger

Although horror is often tailored to be unsettling and scary, watching a slasher or a paranormal thriller can be an extremely satisfying experience. Since the genre is regularly filled with serial killers, mindless monsters, and idiots begging to be killed off, it's exhilarating when such deplorable characters get what's coming to them.

However, it's not just gratifying to watch this lot get their comeuppance, but also how that comeuppance is revealed. When a scene emphasises the exact moment a despicable character realises they're about to die, it's hard not to smile from ear-to-ear, and watching an abhorrent antagonist acknowledge their failures can boost the endorphins more than sitting through a comedy.

But these refreshing moments aren't always at the bad guy's expense. If the evildoer executes their plan with devilish flair and impeccable precision, it's hard not to be impressed. Other times, it's reassuring when the supposedly dead villain is revealed to still be kicking at the last minute (especially if that leads to a ton of sequels).

Even though the genre loves to make their twists and sudden deaths as shocking as possible, the entries on this list decided to be satisfying instead.

10. "It's Not A Dud" - Blade II

Army of the Dead Martin Tiger
New Line Cinema

In Guillermo del Toro's Marvel sequel, Blade (Wesley Snipes) must face off against a horde of mutated vampires called Reapers. Too powerful to face alone, the Daywalker is forced to ally with his bloodsucking enemies to combat this new threat.

After most of the Reapers are extinguished, the vampires unsurprisingly capture Blade, telling him they always intended to betray him. And when Blade tries to blow up the vamps with a bomb, his assistant, Scud - played by a pre-fame Norman Reedus - reveals he programmed the device not to detonate, since he was secretly allied with the nosferatus this entire time. 

Rather than leaving it there, though, the treacherous techie chastises his mentor for 90 seconds straight, bragging about how Blade's efforts were for nothing. However, as this triumphant monologue comes to a close, Blade points out he's known about Scud's true allegiance since day one and alerts him to the fact that the explosive in his hand isn't actually a dud. Before Scud has a chance to react, Blade activates the detonator and reduces his now-former-sidekick to a bloody pile.

Even though Scud was only revealed to be a traitor a few moments earlier, watching him being blown sky-high was immensely gratifying.

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