10 Most Satisfying Horror Movie Villain Deaths

Who doesn't love to see supposedly unkillable monsters get it?

Get Out
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Schadenfreude is a German word used by pretentious douchebags when really they could just say that sometimes it can be kind of satisfying to watch someone you hate get their rightful comeuppance.

It's also actually a pretty useful term when it comes to the contents of the following article. Now, we all love a good horror movie, but what's even better? It's the very specific joy of watching a horror villain getting their brains blown out... or blown up... and in some rare cases blown in.

It's easy to see why we love it so much, as an audience we spend a long time building up a seething, unbelievable hatred for these, more often than not, absolutely vile creatures. There's also the triumphant catharthis involved in fantasising about defeating a villain you know deep down you'd have no chance against.

And some villain deaths in horror movies hit just that little bit sweeter: thanks to the satisfaction sweet spot...

10. Darcy - Green Room

Get Out

Come on, there's nothing better than a Nazi death! Okay, maybe there is: a Nazi death where said Nazi is played by none other than the great Patrick Stewart - or, as he prefers to be known, Big P-Stew.

What makes any villain's death satisfying is the fact that our hero seems to be against insurmountable odds, that's the case with almost every single entry on this list. What makes Darcy's death so wonderful though is just how utterly goddamn hopeless everything seems for the protagonists of Green Room.

Christ, before our heroes manage to even get anywhere near Darcy, Reece is left to bleed out by one of the skinheads and Sam is mauled to death by Pitbulls. Oh, and did we mention that Pat's arm is being held to-goddamn-gether with duct tape after having it hacked apart by, you guessed it, a machete. Man, Nazis love their machetes.

By this point, Pat and Amber are so woefully damaged both psychologically and physically, and still so completely outnumbered that there just seems no way that they're getting out of this nightmare. That's why it makes it all the sweeter when Darcy not only eats led, but does so as he flees from the two in pathetic fear. Darcy died, much like our boy Franzy K. would say, "like a dog."

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