10 Most Selfish Characters In Horror Movie History

If bringing about the apocalypse isn't selfish, I don't know what is!

Olivia Truth Or Dare

Horror movies have archetypes, it's a given.

You have your "dumb blondes", your "final girls", your "creepy old men" and so many more. And as Randy Meeks would tell you, it's all for the formula, THE FORMULA.

We need these characters to progress the story and to create obstacles and interesting character dynamics. And while we all complain about the stereotypes that consistently make up popular horror movies, we still go and watch avidly while they all get brutally murdered.

But there is no character archetype more necessary, and more annoying, than the selfish idiot. You hate them, you root for their inevitable demise, but you have to admit... the movie wouldn't be the same without them.

Without the obnoxious actions of these self-absorbed tools, most horror movies would end during the first 10 minutes. We need these characters to come in and cause trouble, but my god, do they wind you up.

Someone has to say it: the selfish stereotype character is the true underdog of the horror genre.

10. Barry - I Know What You Did Last Summer

Olivia Truth Or Dare
Columbia Pictures

Barry makes it onto this list for being a selfish and egotistical teenage boy, fueled only by his hormones. But I must warn you, he is not the only example of that on this list.

We've all done stupid things while drunk, we've said things we didn't mean, we've embarrassed ourselves beyond belief, but have you ever caused a car crash and then threatened your friends into silence? I should hope not, because that would make you a very bad person.

That is exactly what our resident bad boy Barry did last summer when his reckless behaviour becomes the catalyst for the movie's entire plot. After obnoxiously throwing his weight around while inebriated, Barry's immediate reaction to the car crash he caused is to feel sorry for himself and his car. And then, when they find the bloodied body of the man they hit, Barry intimidates his friends into dumping the body so that he doesn't get into trouble.

Just some advice for kids still in school: friends like Barry are only ever going to cause you trouble. Most likely not to the extent as in this movie, but trouble for sure.


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