10 Most Selfish Characters In Horror Movie History

9. Mayor Vaughn - Jaws

Olivia Truth Or Dare
Universal Pictures

This may be a controversial one.

Yes, we know, Mayor Larry Vaughn was a very charismatic, put together and seemingly generous man. In the second movie, Mayor Vaughn seems to be the most reasonable member of the town council, treating police chief Brody with more grace and respect than the other members of the board, BUT...

Mayor Vaughn in the original movie did what many politicians do in life or death situations (as we have recently discovered) and chose economic wealth over human life.

It was a sticky situation that old Larry found himself in, with a great white shark looming close by and a beautiful sand beach pulling in massive wealth, Larry had to make a decision. Is it the moolah or the quickly expanding pile of bodies that take priority?

Well, because he's a typical selfish politician, he of course chose the money! He continuously, throughout the first two movies, makes questionable decisions to protect the town's wealth. He gaslights the police chief into thinking he's acting too rash, he decides on numerous occasions to keep the beaches open and intentionally leaves out important information during press conferences so as to downplay the situation.


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