10 Most Shocking Jump Cuts In Horror Movie History

8. Saint Maud (2019) - Maud's Fate

Saint Maud - Ending

Beware of spoilers for the final scene ahead.

Throughout Saint Maud, the acclaimed feature debut from writer-director Rose Glass, we follow the eponymous and devoutly pious palliative carer (Morfydd Clarke) as she tends to her new patient (Jennifer Ehle).

However, Maud, who now lives a solitary life after a traumatic incident caused her to leave her previous job in a hospital, has convinced herself that God has tasked her with saving the soul of her patient before she dies.

As her obsession intensifies over the course of the film, we witness Maud’s action and behaviour become increasingly disturbing as she experiences hallucinations which she interprets as signs from God.

Eventually, after a heated confrontation with her patient ends in tragedy, Maud realises that she must complete one last task to prove herself. Dressed in angelic white robes, she walks to the beach and douses herself in petrol in front of shocked onlookers. Igniting the lighter, we see Maud become an angel as the people kneel before her. But this is her fantasy.

A brutal jump cut showing Maud screaming in agony as she burns alive underscores the reality of the situation before the film cuts to black and the credits roll.


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