10 Most Shocking Post-Credit Movie Reveals

Those jaw-dropping, forehead-slapping, awe-inducing final credit shockers!

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These days, many a moviegoer will patiently sit through a film's entire closing credits in the hope of seeing a mid-credits or post-credits scene that will either set something up for a future film, add a further layer of detail to what you've just watched, or simply be a humourous way to wrap things up.

A large part of that is obviously down to the exploits of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has so often used a movie's closing credits to springboard into something else, something great - be that the first rumblings of the 'Avengers Initiative', the first ominous glimpse at Thanos, or something as rewarding as seeing Hope van Dyne presented with the Wasp outfit at the close of 2015's Ant-Man.

Such scenes were very much 'a thing' way before the MCU came into existence, mind, and there have been many a movie prior and since that shared realm started that have featured mid-credit or post-credit offerings that have left audiences in shocked awe at what they've seen.

It kinda goes without saying that there are some obvious spoilers here, but the big one that's worth particularly mentioning before going any further is that the currently-in-theaters Fast & Furious 9 is featured here.

Don't say you haven't been warned.

10. Ash Returns For One Final "Groovy" - Evil Dead

Fast & Furious 9 Jason Statham Deckard Shaw
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For horror fans, they're largely conditioned to wince at the mere mention of the words remake, reboot, reimagining, reimaging, recalibration or whatever the latest buzz word is for revisiting an idea that had some semblance of success years prior.

As such, many were left shaking their head in disbelief when it was announced that Fede Alvarez was doing a new take on Evil Dead.

Thankfully, that 2013 release proved to be a fantastic picture in its own right, both being respectful to Sam Raimi's Evil Dead world while offering something fresh and new.

In terms of that 'fresh and new', the focus of Alvarez's movie is on a group of friends heading to a cabin in the woods for a reunion of sorts. The kicker here, though, is that one of the group - Jane Levy's Mia Allen - is using the break as a way to go cold turkey from her heroin addiction.

After plentiful Deadite action, the film rolls to a close with Mia as the sole survivor of this outing. In the briefest of brief post-credits scenes - seriously, it's, like, a whole seven seconds - long-time franchise fans get to see Bruce Campbell's Ashley J. Williams deliver his trademark "Groovy!" line.

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