10 Most Shocking Post-Credit Movie Reveals

9. Sinestro Becomes The Villain - Green Lantern

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Sure, we all know that Green Lantern is a stinker of a movie, with star Ryan Reynolds having even poked fun at the picture - be that in Deadpool 2 or partaking in a gin-soaked watchalong of the film earlier this year.

One of the extremely few bright spots of the film came once the end credits had started rolling, with audiences getting a short scene showing Sinestro fully embracing the dark side.

Given how that character has long been one of the greatest villains in DC Comics and has continuously battled the Green Lantern Corps., it wasn't necessarily so much of a huge shocker to see Sinestro take his steps towards villainy in the post-credits here - it was more the shock of seeing such a brilliantly done moment in a film full of so much sh*t.

During Green Lantern's final act, Reynolds' Hal Jordan manages to topple the all-powerful, fear-driven Parallax and save Earth. From there, it's all sunshine and rainbows as the movie wraps up. That is, of course, until that post-credits scene where Mark Strong's Sinestro tries the yellow ring of fear on for size - turning his own suit and eyes yellow in the process.

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