10 Most Stupid Decisions In Horror Movies

Nobody needs a Hereditary style "driving mishap"...

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Some of the most frustrating decisions in the whole world come in the heat of a horror movie moment. How else would we get such vibrant entertainment without being able to shout about how that would never happen to us, as we'd simply think smarter?

A strange noise upstairs means running straight out the front door, you definitely don't split up, and a hot and sexy moment means keeping it firmly locked down in your pants. It's all in the name of survival, after all, just celebrate afterwards when you most likely won't die mid-thrust.

These people were not so fortunate as to have the rational, calculating moments of lucidity we're afforded from watching the other side of the screen, however, making for some seriously dumb choices that all but ask a rampaging killer to get slashing, or invite an evil spirit to come and feast on their eternal soul.

Learn from these mistakes, dear reader, because these long-dead protagonists sure didn't.

10. Eating The Fruit - Pan's Labyrinth

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When a friendly mythical faun appears and gives you the opportunity to get yourself digs in a magical kingdom as an escape from a 1940's fascist regime and sadistic, murderous step father, the least you can do is listen to him and his faerie pals. They are magic, after all.

Whilst feeling a little snacky when faced with certain death is somewhat understandable - no one wants to die on an empty stomach - when the whole situation can be avoided by packing your own lunch and avoiding the giant cursed dinner table, it's more than a little frustrating to see Ofelia chowing down on two grapes, of all things, when she's supposed to be on a stealthy theft mission deep in a monster's lair. Does seeing disconnected eyeballs on a plate make you hungry? Maybe, but staying alive is much better for the appetite.

What makes this all the more face-palm inducing is that Ofelia, a child, even clocks a load of artistic impressions of the Pale Man feasting exclusively on children like a boneless banquet deluxe meal before literally doing the one thing that will wake him up. Never has The Grapes Of Wrath sounded so appropriate.

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