10 Most Stupid Decisions In Horror Movies

9. Returning To The House - The Strangers

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Imagine being hunted down by three masked murderers intent on tormenting you in your remote country cabin. They've trapped you in your house, everything is very scary, your friend has tried to come and rescue you but been shot dead by your overexcited boyfriend, and you think there's someone close by about to come and separate your head from your shoulders.

You manage, by some miracle, to get into the shed outside and have a vantage point on two of the three murderers, knowing that the third one is still in the house.

So why, oh why, would you ever run back inside the murder house of death where certain stabbing awaits?

This is the question we ask every time Liv Tyler crawls on back through her front door rather than hot footing it into the woods and making a quick exit. Being a bit frazzled from a blood thirsty sackman is forgivable, but straight up running into his knife-wielding arms is not. Get it together, Kristen.

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