10 Most Underrated 80s Horror Movies

Scares, slashers, and a large dose of spandex.

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There's plenty of ridiculous offerings the 80s still stings us with almost a full four decades after it began. Outrageous hair and loud shirts still remain an excellent fixture, synth pop soundtracks are inescapable, and rose-tinted nostalgia creeps its way into everything from TV adverts to social media trends - so it's hardly a surprise that films are still pulling from the same spandex-clad source material.

And when speaking of 80s movies, it's impossible to ignore the impact the era had on horror in particular. I mean, when you're getting A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Shining, and even batsh*t entires like Society all hitting cinemas in the same ten year period, you know you're onto something good. And terrifying. But mostly good.

So, as always is the case, whilst the world was distracted by all this and similar horrors like Madonna and Pac-Man, there were innumerable underrated horror gems that slipped through the cracks, making now the perfect time to dive back in there and dig up the very best lost treasures. Chuck on your parachute pants and start growing in your mullet, as we're going in...

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