10 Most Underrated 80s Horror Movies

10. Shocker

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One of Wes Craven's early works and celebrating his more flamboyant taste in filmmaking, the Scream director's take on an electricity fuelled murderer is big dumb fun. Stipulated by heavy metal music and dazzling special effects, Craven has created something that is creative, bloody, and that positively sparks with the director's signature weirdness, even if its not necessarily the best in his back catalogue.

Shocker tells the story of a television-repairman-come-serial-killer that is sentenced to death in the electric chair, only, since he's smart enough to get bargaining with the devil before he bites it, he comes back as pure energy. Horace Pinker becomes electricity itself in a bid to take out new victims and hunt down the detective that locked him away in the first place, and it's a live wire of a movie.

Yes, Shocker has its faults, and is about as messy as a film about a person turning into a plug-socket dwelling nightmare sounds on paper. But truthfully, Shocker deserves far more love for its batsh*t commitment to its blackly comic premise, especially since it's one that has only gotten more poignant as time has gone on.

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