10 Most Underrated 80s Teen Movies

9. The Manhattan Project

the-manhattan-project-919695l-imagine Alright, so your enjoyment of this film is probably predicated on your ability to believe that a teenager can build a functioning atomic bomb in his garage, handling radioactive material without melting his face off. But once you get past that, The Manhattan Project is actually a good bit of fun. Christopher Collet is credible as Paul Stephens, a teen genius who discovers a top secret government lab messing around with uranium in his town. With the help of his aspiring journalist girlfriend played by a young Cynthia Nixon, he steals materials so that he can build his own bomb to expose them at a national science fair. So far, so plausible. You've also got John Lithgow as a somewhat shady yet oddly sympathetic scientist who's got a thing for Paul's mom. And if you watch the whole movie and don't blink too frequently, you might even catch a glimpse of Robert Sean Leonard in his film debut.
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