10 Most Underrated Harry Potter Movie Scenes

9. Professor McGonagall Explains The Chamber Of Secrets – The Chamber Of Secrets

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There are many legendary actors in the Harry Potter movies, but some of their performances are easy to overlook due to their limited time on screen. Maggie Smith is an obvious example, and in The Chamber of Secrets, she delivers a terrific monologue.

When Hermione asks about the Chamber of Secrets, Professor McGonagall recounts the story of the four Hogwarts founders, Slytherin’s fixation with the purity of blood, the illusive chamber that has never been found, and the terrifying monster that dwells inside it. Whilst McGonagall reassures the class that the school has been searched many times, the atmosphere is still chilling thanks to Smith’s delivery.

The reactions from the students are also terrific. Hermione is the only member of the class who talks directly to McGonagall, but you can tell what the others are thinking just from the looks on their faces. Whilst the Gryffindors all look fearful, Malfoy enjoys the story and smirks from behind his desk, which smoothly sets up the Polyjuice Potion plotline.

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