10 Most Underrated High School Horror Movies

9. The Final (2010)

All Cheerleaders Die
After Dark Films

Revenge of the nerds! If you ever felt like you were put down, put upon or put up with more than enough in high school, this might be the film for you.

This 2010 high school horror sees the class outcasts turning the tables on their tormentors in a bloody night of revenge. Luring the jocks and plastics to a fake house party, the outcasts don horror outfits, spike the punch and tie up their classmates, treating them to an evening of torture that includes a cattle gun, needles, bear traps and a corrosive acid face cream.

Written and directed by unknowns Jason Kabolati and Joey Stewart respectively, the film cunningly features a number of ex-child stars, including Jascha Washington (of Big Momma's House and Like Mike fame) and Laura Ashley Samuels (Awkward and Modern Family), using their familiarity to hammer the horror home.

In-keeping with the background of its killers, the costumes and methods employed to take apart their classmates reference a wide array of other horror films, including, in what may be the films deepest cut, Takashi Miike's Audition (1999).

It's an imperfect look at the teenage condition, but one of the few films that really tries something different. An ideal companion piece to The Cabin In The Woods (2011).


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