10 Most Underrated Moments In Fanboy Movie History

Anakin Skywalker "Fanboys." Once used as something of a slur, it has since become a badge of honor to wear with pride. We pride ourselves on being the foremost experts on all things pop culture. From comic books to movies, our attention to detail is often unmatched. With laser sharp precision we can cut through the superfluous crap, and lock onto what really matters in a movie. Explosions, banter, special effects... we are immune to the eye candy movies use to try and distract us. We see a film for what it really is. Sometimes to our own detriment. But every once in a while, we truly can't see through the forest for the trees. We're so focused on the scope of a movie, it's significance to an overall mythos, that we can miss incredibly special moments. That in itself is an ailment to be remedied. Here, I try to bring some of those moments that may have been forgotten back to the forefront. So without further hyperbole, behold: the 10 Most Underrated Moments In Fanboy Movie History. Please note, there are spoilers ahead...

10. Captain America Writes Iron Man 3 - The Avengers

Tonycap Perhaps the best scene of dialogue in the entire movie, Steve Rogers confronts Tony Starks aboard the Helicarrier about who he really is. "Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away and what are you?" Even though Tony comes back with an awesome soundbite, it's Cap's next few lines that really hit home. "You may not be a threat, but you better stop pretending to be a hero." It's these two lines that really cause Tony Stark to question who he is and why he's so committed to being Iron Man. Is he just a playboy playing dress up? Or is he a hero? Added to Iron Man 3 are the Mandarin, Killian, the possible loss of the love of his life, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But it is this exchange that drives the entire movie. Because of it, we have a better understanding of who Tony Stark is as a man outside of the Iron Man armor.

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